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MiniPOV 4 Kit - DIY Full-Color POV and Light Painting Kit

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MiniPOV 4 Kit - DIY Full-Color POV and Light Painting Kit
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MiniPOV 4 Kit - DIY Full-Color POV and Light Painting Kit

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The latest and greatest MiniPOV kit to hit the streets - MiniPOV4! We have added full color RGB LEDs to the kit as well USB programmability to make this the easiest, most fun Persistence-of-Vision & Light Painting kit ever.

Learn to solder by building this easy kit. About 30 components are soldered onto the custom PCB using a soldering iron, solder and some basic hand tools such as diagonal cutters and wire strippers. Learn as you go, starting with the easier parts and working your way up to the more challenging ones. Takes about an hour or two to complete following our detailed tutorial, depending on your previous soldering experience.

Once finished, you'll have a little battery-powered light painting kit! Insert three AAA batteries (not included, pick some up here or use any you have lying around the house) and wave around to create light trails. The way our eyes work, as the LEDs move we see the image as if it were floating in the air. You can also use a camera with a medium-long exposure to create a light painting as shown above.

Design your own 8-pixel tall images in any drawing program and import them into our software to upload your own custom designs. Simply plug into your computer's USB port and run our Processing sketch - it works on any Windows or Mac computer! (We're still testing Linux support, coming soon!)

Each order comes as a kit of parts. Some soldering and tools are required to put together but its a nice learning-to-solder kit and with patience and a couple of hours can be assembled by any beginner. Check out our very detailed tutorial with full color images and all downloads for all information.


Dimensions (PCB only): 64mm x 38mm x 1.6mm (2.5" x 1.5" x 0.06")
Dimensions (assembled): 70mm x 39mm x 30mm (2.8" x 1.5" x 1.2")

Il CIG e il CUP sono richiesti per assicurare la tracciabiltà dei flussi finanziari nei lavori pubblici.
Art. 3 della L. 13/08/2010, n. 136 (pubblicata sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 196 del 23/08/2010 - serie generale).
Gazzetta Ufficiale:

CIG = codice identificativo di gara
CUP = codice unico di progetto

N.B. Se l'ordine è composto da più articoli e si riferisce ad un unico CIG/CUP, i codici possono essere inseriti alla fine dell'operazione.

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